Video Reveals PROOF that My weird Niche Ads generate unlimited leads and sales
for almost ANY business...
and how i can do the same for you WITHOUT spending a fortune on random courses, dealing with questionable freelancers or trying to geek out on marketing yourself...
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  • ROI Over Silly Metrics. 
  • Work Fast, No Wasting Months. 
  • Metrics Matter Until They Don’t.
  • Bottom line: We have to make more than we spend. Period.


  • Copy Is King, Minor Things Are Minor. 
  • I Can Get High Quality Traffic Anywhere Besides Weight Loss Stuff. 
  • The Best Funnels Are Simple. F+S, Webinars, Trainings + Email Follow Ups / Application Calls


  • Split Test Macro Then Micro
  • The More You Spend The More You Make 
  • Build Assets - Fans, Traffic, Leads, Customers

Recipe For Success:  

  • Highly Targeted Mobile And Desktop NF Only 
  • Long Copy 
  • GIF’s 
  • No Hype
  • Curiosity Invoking Creative
  • Curiosity Invoking Squeeze Page 
  • Left Ads On For 3-6 Months With Hundreds Spent Per Day!

To Do: 

  • Fill Out Application.
  • Ensure Resources Are In Place - Build Out Is Typically $4 - $8k. + $1500/Mo Maintenance 
  • You Do Nothing. No Silly Homework. You’re Hiring An Agency For A Reason Right?
  • Be Ready To Tell Me About Your Perfect Customer.
Very Limited Openings - Apply Here Now
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