How long until my shipment arrives? - All our shipments are sent from our fulfillment center in California. They ship every business day. Domestic (U.S.) shipments will arrive in 7-10 days or less. Overseas orders may vary slightly.
How can I contact support? - support@zacharyspear.com - A U.S. based support team. Feel free to ask anything!
How can I contact Zach? - A message through the Facebook page is best! www.facebook.com/zacharyeverettspear
Is Zach actually as cool as he seems? - Yes, yes he is. 
Refunds - Email support@zacharyspear.com for refunds on S&H charges for the Perfect MLM Script.

We are not offering refunds on ANY of our digital training products outside of FBF's "results guarantee." Due to too many people consuming the content and requesting a refund anyway. (That's stealing FYI) If you've bought from us before. You know we deliver. You always get way more than you pay for. 

No refunds are implied in anyway during the buying process on digital training products. 

All digital product sales are final.

We do honor refunds on the physical copy of the perfect MLM script. 

How Long Does It Take To Get My Refund? - Refunds are processed immediately once we receive the inquiry. It then depends on your bank as to how long it takes for you to get it. Typically 7-10 days or less.
Forgot my password? - There's a "forgot password" link at the bottom of your login. Just click that bad boy.